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  • 俊匯管理顧問擁有優秀的團隊

    JPMC has an excellent team

  • 俊匯管理顧問提供高效的培訓

    JPMC provides effective training

  • 俊匯管理顧問促進卓越的績效

    JPMC facilitates performance breakthrough

  • 俊匯管理顧問培育傑出的領袖

    JPMC nurtures outstanding leaders

Our Experience

Our consultants have consulted a substantial number of companies in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland. The industry sectors that we have served include:
Electronics, electrical appliances, metal, plastics, printing, toy, watch and clock, jewelry, garment, chemical, and food
Building, concrete, and building components
Self-storage, trading, engineering, property management, and public utilities
Public Organizations
Medical, skills development, academics, and trade associations
Government Departments
Government departments at different levels in the region
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